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Due to increased client education, we are seeing an increased awareness when it comes to pet dental health.  Owners are aware of the importance of regular dental exams, home dental care, and diet when it comes to their pets’ teeth.

However, even the best cared for mouths can develop plaque and tartar which will lead to bad breath, periodontal disease, and eventually tooth loss.  Vigorous chewing on hardtoys or bones can cause tooth wear or fractures.  All of these conditions are painful and potentially dangerous for our pets.

Dental work provokes anxiety for many clients, and as a result it can be stressful for our patients. We try to minimize this with our procedures, using our in house lab for pre-op bloodwork the day of the procedure rather than requiring an extra visit. Pre anesthetic sedation reduces patient stress, and safe, effective anesthetic protocols, including intensive patient monitoring with advanced equipment and licensed technicians throughout the procedure help us to provide a positive experience for pet and owner alike. Post procedure pain medication and other medications are dispensed when indicated to help prevent patient discomfort and post procedure complications.

Even so, many pet owners often have not anticipated these dental procedures and the associated costs in their pet care budgets. This financial barrier often prevents our patients, your pets, from receiving the treatment that they need to restore a pain free, healthy mouth.  That is why, in conjunction with Pet Dental Health Month, we are offering a special payment plan to eligible pet owners that schedule a dental procedure during the months of February and March this year.  Setting up a plan is easy and most owners qualify with a simple faxed form on the day of the procedure, or when their pet is examined to set up a treatment plan.  Qualified owners will only have to pay 30% of the fees on the day of the procedure. The remaining balance will be automatically deducted from your checking account in 3 monthly payments.  There is no interest charge, but since the payment plan is administered by a third party, there is a small fee for setting it up; usually around $45 (less than most credit card companies would charge you to carry the same balance).

Dental Care Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital, Garden City ParkSo if when you sniff your pet's breath and it isn't pleasant, or if you look at their teeth and it doesn't look clean like this, then your dog or cat may be suffering from dental disease.  If you have had an examination and oral evaluation in the past 3 months, we will be able to schedule the procedure without an additional visit.   If not, we will need to see you in the office first so that we can formulate a treatment plan and give you an accurate estimate of the fees.  Either way, we can qualify you for our Pet Dental Health Month Payment Plan when you come in.  Don't let your pet suffer with a painful mouth any longer.  Click on the link to request an appointment for an evaluation, or call us to schedule a dental procedure while this offer is still in effect.