Laser Therapy

Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital

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We have been using Laser Therapy at Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital since 2008 to treat orthopedic problems such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, Intervertebral Disk Disease, as well as joint, tendon, and ligament injuries.  We have found that it is a useful addition to our post operative pain management as well as our growing physical therapy and rehabilitation practice.  The procedures are short and well tolerated by our patients and they often just stand or rest during their therapy.  

Laser therapy for arthritic elbow at Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital

We were so encouraged by our results with orthopedic conditions that we have expanded our therapy to include laser treatment for feline stomatitis, infectied wounds, lick granulomas, and anal gland abscesses.  Our results have been great and we have been able to treat many conditions with fewer medications for shorter periods of time.  This enables us to minimize potential side effects when many medications are used at once for chronic conditions.  This big doggie is having a granuloma treated on his paw.  Therapy with antibiotics failed after multiple tries for several weeks.  His condition improved so much after a single course of laser therapy treatments that he was off of all oral medications from week one.

Treating a lick granuloma with a laser at Crawford Dog and Cat

Our laser emits light at a specific wavelength that enhances the body's ability to heal itself.  This is a natural function at the cellular level and is enhanced by increased blood flow and circulation to the area of injury.  There are no side effects when used carefully and according to our prescribed protocols. If you want more information on how the laser works, follow this link to a video that explains the science behind the treatment.  We have used our laser extensively for dogs and cats.  If you think that your pet might benefit from laser therapy, call our office to set up a consultation so that we can help your dog or cat regain the function that has been lost due to injury or illness.