Lyme Prevention Package

Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital

2135 Jericho Turnpike
Garden City Park, NY 11040


At Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital, we believe Lyme disease is a preventable disease. We can get ahead of it with proper annual screening, vaccination with advanced vaccine technology, and effective tick prevention.  In fact, we guarantee it.

The Lyme Prevention Package

    Comprehensive Lyme screening test (full blood parasite panel including heartworm test)

   VANGUARD® crLyme vaccine

    12 months of Simparica (flea/tick prevention)


When you purchase this package you will receive:

     $7,500 Lyme disease insurance

A 10% discount off of the retail price of the package

$35 rebate on the purchase of 12 months of Simparica

    Additional $15 rebate on a Proheart 6 injectable heartworm prevention

    Peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to prevent this disease in your dog

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