Proheart 6 - 6 month injection for heartworm prevention

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One Shot for 6 Months of Heart Worm Protection

Proheart 6 season long protection against heartworm.We have seen an increase in the number of heart worm positive dogs over the past few years.  There are a number of reasons for this.  Tropical storms have moved warm air up the coast and with it comes mosquitoes from the south that are carriers of the parasite.  As important, we have seen several rescue groups here in Nassau County look to the south to find dogs for adoption in our area.  Several of the dogs that we have seen in Garden City from these groups have needed treatment for Heart worm.  Until treatment, these dogs serve as a reservoir, infecting local mosquito populations that in turn bite and infect dogs here.  Finally, we have noticed that with our clients' hectic life styles, it is often easy to forget to give the monthly preventative that will keep our pets safe from this potentially deadly disease.  While there very little that we as pet owners can do about the first two, we can try to improve compliance with our preventatives to protect our dogs.  I have discussed using our smart phones, calenders, and other various memory devices with clients, but a review of our medical records show that many owners are missing doses.  
Now we have the answer.  Proheart 6, a single injection of Moxidectin, and your dog is protected from Heart worm for six months.  Two injections a year and the protection is year round.  We currently have a special program for total parasite control.  :When a dog receives a Proheart 6 injection, we enroll your pet in our Parasite Prevention Program at no additional cost.  We will treat any parasite infections in your pet during the 6 months after the Proheart 6 injection. Add a monthly dose of Simparica, the new oral flea and tick prevention from Zoetis Animal Health and costs for diagnosis and treatment for Lyme disease will also be covered by Zoetis. A negative fecal and a negative 4dx screening test at enrollment will document that your pet is parasite free at that time.  
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So, if you are one of those people that is having a challenge remembering your dog's heart worm medication every month, this is the perfect program for you.  Give us a call at 561-746-1566, or request an appointment on line.  A quick office visit and you will be on your way and your dog will be protected against a full spectrum of parasites, including deadly heartworm disease.