Wellness Diagnositic Panel, Dogs

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Wellness Diagnositics

Comprehhesive Physical Examination:

The head to toe examination is the first step to evaluating your dog.

  • coat and skin
  • eyes, ears, mouth, and teeth
  • heart. lungs, and abdomen
  • legs and paws.

Chemistry and CBC

  • A blood chemistry profile, including electrolytes, provides information about your pet's liver, kidneys, and pancreas as well as other functions of the body,such as blood sugar and hydration.  A complete blood count can identify infection,inflammation, and anemia.

Infectious Disease Screening

  • Identifies if your pet has been exposed to blood borne parasites such as heart worm and lyme disease

Fecal Test

  • Checks for parasites, living hidden in your pet's intestines. Some of these worms are contagious to people as well.

Thyroid Function Tests

  • Early detection of hypothyroidism is only possible with a blood test.

Complete Urinalysis

  • Identifies urinary tract inflammation, infection, and early kidney disease

Cardiac Screening

  • At risk dogs can have special enzyme testing done to detect early evidence of heart problems.

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